Email Transfer Information - Completed June 3, 2024


Email Phase Out Period has been Completed

LR Communications and Leaf River Telephone Company began phasing out our email services in March of 2024. As of June 3, 2024, the phase out period is now complete. If you have an email address ending in any of the domains listed below, you will need to switch to another email service. This will not affect your Internet service. Although we sent 3 mailings and one final email alert of these changes, we understand some may not have received the information. Please visit our Contact Us Page if you were not notified or need further assistance.


Security and Privacy

According to Cloudfare, a firm specializing in cybersecurity…  

“Security and privacy were not built into email when it was first invented, and despite email's importance as a communication method, these are still not built into email by default. As a result, email is a major attack vector for organizations large and small, and for individual people as well.”

The cost of securing email services has risen to the point where we can no longer provide it without charging more. Public email services such as Gmail, Microsoft, iCloud, Yahoo! and many others offer robust, no-cost options with easy setup guides and transfer instructions. We encourage you to research any of the available services options and set up a new email address now to allow the transfer to be as seamless as possible.


How to Get Started

Start by creating a new email address. There are many free and robust email services available. The links below will take you to some of the most popular services where you can check out their features and find the best match for you. Each one will have setup instructions for creating your new email and setting it up on your computers, phones, and tablets. There are many other email providers, too many to list here, that are also available online.

Gmail                    Microsoft Outlook                    iCloud Mail                    Yahoo!


Test Your New Email

Start using your new email... take it for a test drive... kick the tires... get used to the new format and features. Send an email from your old email to your new email and send a reply to test incoming and outgoing email. Send an email to a trusted friend or family member and have them reply.


Transfer Contacts

Transfer your contacts from your old email address to your new one. Now is a great time to clean out old, unused contacts before you transfer them. Contact your trusted contacts and let them know you have a new email address. If you currently use Zimbra, see the Transfer Contacts from Zimbra section below. If you use another program, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, you can find the option under Preferences or in Settings in your program.


Transfer Contacts from Zimbra

This will only work if you currently use Zimbra to access your email. Login to your email account as usual at

  >  Near the top of the screen, click on the Preferences tab.
  >  In the left hand column, select Import/Export.
  >  In the main window, under the Export bar, find Type:.
  >  Select the Contacts option.
  >  A new dropdown option will appear. If you know what program you will be transferring to, you can select it here.
  >  If you are unsure or have not decided, select Account Contacts.
  >  On the right-hand side, select Export.
  >  Your contacts will be saved as a csv file in your default Downloads folder.
  >  Go to your new program and use their Import feature to transfer your contacts.


Email Forwarding

If there are any emails currently in your old email you would like to save, simply forward each message to your new email address. This will save your old email and make it easy to add that contact to your new email. Another good option would be to set up automatic forwarding of all new mail from your old address to the new email address. You can start using your new email address for all email this way. As each email arrives from the old address, you can decide to add that contact or just ignore it. Once you turn off forwarding from your old email, those unwanted messages will stop coming as they do not have your new email address. 


Email Forwarding from Zimbra

To automatically forward all new email to your new account, login to your email account as usual at You do not have to be a regular user of Zimbra to forward email, but you will need your full email address and correct password.  

  >  Near the top of the screen, click on the Preferences tab.
  >  In the left hand column, select Mail.
  >  In the main window, scroll down to the Receiving Messages section.
  >  Under Message Arrival: Forward a copy to:, enter your full, new email address.
  >  Do not select Remove copy of local message until you verify forwarding is working.
  >  In the upper left corner, just above the Preferences menu, click Save.
  >  Using a separate email address (or ask a friend or family member), send an email to your old address. 
  >  Go to your new email and wait for the email to arrive. If you receive the new email, forwarding is working correctly. 
  >  When you have confirmed forwarding is working correctly, you can select the Remove copy of local message option and click Save.

Remember... as each email arrives from the old address, you can decide to add that contact or just ignore it. Once you turn off forwarding from your old email, those unwanted messages will stop coming as they do not have your new email address. 


It Worked! 

Congratulations on setting up your new email service. Once you are ready to turn off forwarding, please let us know by visiting the Contact Us page. We will disable your old email address and help you with any further questions. 


Further Assistance

There are many helpful guides and videos available for setting up a new email service, again, too many to list here. However, if you need further assistance, you can always reach out to us from our Contact Us page.